Project Completed

Over the weekend I completed the embroidery project I started at Urban Stitches

Pendant Necklace

We were supplied with suggested instructions on the colours to stitch each pendant. I opted to embroider this geometric one in shades of blue as it more suited my colour taste, at the time I didn’t know what I would use each pendant for. In our project pack we were supplied with the notions to make one pendant into a necklace and by chance I picked up a project bag that had a blue leather necklace in it. Once I finished stitching this pendant it was always going to be the necklace. I really like how it turned out.

Hedgehog Button

I decided to turn the other pendant shapes into fabric covered buttons. When I assembled the first one I didn’t really think too much about it. I’ve never made fabric covered buttons where print direction was an issue. It was only once I snapped the backing on the button I realised I should’ve paid attention to the front of the button as the loop on the back of the button is side ways. If I turned him into a hair tie he would be facing side ways. The fabric is double layer as it has a backing on it so I couldn’t easily snap it out of the button and try again. I’ve decided instead I’ll thread some elastic cording through it and turn it into a necklace for a child this Christmas. The side way loop is perfect to hang it as a necklace

Embroidered Buttons

I paid more attention when assembling the other 3 pendants. I will wear these as hair ties.


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