Doll Needle Holder

I got a great tip last weekend from Jodie (Ric Rac) about storing doll needles. Put them in a toothbrush travel case. I was waiting in a chemist yesterday, saw them for sale and picked one up. My needles are now safe and secure.

Doll Needle Holder

Unfortunately it was only when I putting them inside it I discovered it had drainage holes at either end so your toothbrush doesn’t get all manky inside it. When I put the needles in they fell straight through, so to get around this I cut 2 rectangle pieces of felt and placed them in each end to block the holes. If I gave it a little more thought I would’ve tried to find pale blue felt. I have an extra-large 254mm needle that didn’t fit in it so I will still keep that attached to the card however all the other sizes fit perfect.

Doll Needle Extra Large

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