Heatpack Feedback

I’ve gotten some feedback about the Shoulder Heatpack I made a few weeks ago

Shoulder Heat Pack With Cover

The person I made it before liked it however mentioned it isn’t the most practical to heat in the microwave due to the size. You need to really fold it up and the keep flipping it over to ensure it heats evenly. The size and also the weight was a worry I had from the start with it. The weight really isn’t an issue, it is more the size.

Shoulder Heat Packer Inner

So would I make it again? I do like some concept of the pattern such as the chambers that are filled to stop the rice from moving but I don’t think I will make the same size and shape again. Perhaps just a narrow rectangle one with chambers you can wrap around your neck. I do have a commercially made one which is rounded similar to those travel pillows you get so I might trace around that next time and create a pattern.


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