Getting Back On Focus

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of knitting for charity and haven’t really focused on making all the gifts I wish to make this year for birthdays and Christmas. On facebook this week there was that little reminder of how many weeks until Christmas, for some people it was a laugh for me it was a reminder that maybe its about time to get back on track.

Blocks In Progress

I still need to finish all my gifts for this year. One is a work in progress (baby blocks) which I’m pretty confident in finishing in the next week or so. The other gift I haven’t started yet is a child’s skirt. I’ve printed out the pattern and have decided on the fabric, I’m going to a sewing event next month where everyone will be working on individual projects so I may take it to that but part of me is itching to start it sooner. I have another project in mind that I can work on at that event.

Child Skirt Pattern

I’ve looked through the rest of my gift list and there are still a few gaps of things I’m not sure about what I will make yet. I know I want to make a heap of softies but pin pointing which ones to make is the hard bit. There are so many out there I just don’t know which ones. I’m having to think what I’ve made for each child previously so I don’t give them the same item again, although I’m sure if a child likes an animal they won’t mind getting another one in a different style or shape. I think this is a good excuse for me to flip through all my craft books and look for softie patterns.


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