Knitted Stripes First Attempt

This is the first time I’ve attempted to knit stripes continuously without cutting the yarn each time.

Knitted Stripes

One morning I decided that day I was going to learn how to do knit stripes so I googled how to change colours in knitting and came across this site and Both clearly showed how to do it so I gave it ago later that day on another scarf for KOGO The yarn was just two balls of acrylic yarn I pulled from my stash without looking at the colours. I never followed a pattern just kept going row by row until it looked long enough. It took me just under a week doing it after work in front of the tv.

One thing I learnt that I don’t think was mentioned on either site is that the yarn can get a bit of a tangle if you don’t switch the balls around as you twist the yarn. Most times it was ok but one afternoon I did get myself into a very big tangle that took a few minutes to untwist. From that point on I just moved the yarn balls around beside me as I did each twist.


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