Overlocker Home

At the recent craft fair I ordered a new Horn sewing cabinet and this week it arrived.

Overlocker Cabinet

I wanted a sturdy surface to use the overlocker on. I looked around at options available and couldn’t find any that suited my needs. I needed storage for my machine as well as a work surface. I’m limited for space so it needed to be compact. So my overlocker finally has a home now. I can store it neatly away and when I need to use it I just have to roll the cabinet into the centre of the room, raise up the sewing bed, plug it in and it will be ready to go. The bonus is when it is packed away I have an additional flat surface that I can do craft on such as make jewellery or wrap presents.

Overlocker Cabinet Closed

This is my second Horn sewing cabinet. Both are the same size and colour. My first one now lives permanently open in my lounge room with my big embroidery machine on it.  I really like this brand of sewing cabinets. They are solid and sturdy. I also have their big cutting table which was my mum’s. Even though its foldable I always keep it half up in my dinning area as it always getting a workout with my craft


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