Heatpack Feedback

I’ve gotten some feedback about the Shoulder Heatpack I made a few weeks ago

Shoulder Heat Pack With Cover

The person I made it before liked it however mentioned it isn’t the most practical to heat in the microwave due to the size. You need to really fold it up and the keep flipping it over to ensure it heats evenly. The size and also the weight was a worry I had from the start with it. The weight really isn’t an issue, it is more the size.

Shoulder Heat Packer Inner

So would I make it again? I do like some concept of the pattern such as the chambers that are filled to stop the rice from moving but I don’t think I will make the same size and shape again. Perhaps just a narrow rectangle one with chambers you can wrap around your neck. I do have a commercially made one which is rounded similar to those travel pillows you get so I might trace around that next time and create a pattern.


Complete Blocks

Baby Blocks

I’ve completed the Baby Blocks I’ve been working on the last few months. The letters are hand appliqued and then the blocks are machine stitched and then stuffed. I like to under stuff these a little to keep the cube shape. My seams might not be the straightest so if I over stuffed them they might have gone misshapen.

These will be a birthday gift for a 1 year old. They are nice and squishy and don’t hurt anyone if they are thrown.

Doll Quilt From Scraps

On my Christmas gift list is to make a doll blanket to go with one of the toys. Previously I’ve always crochet my doll blankets but this year as I have a number of crochet and knitting items on my list I decided to make it out of fabric instead and in the process use up some of my fabric scraps.

Doll Quilt Front

The front is just strip pieces I found in my stash. I decided to keep it in green tones. As there was yellow in the sunflowers I decided to include the tractor strip with the yellow background as I thought this would be a good chance to use it without the need to cut it up further and lose any of the print.

Doll Quilt Back

It feels like a quilt as in the centre I have a piece of polar fleece scrap that I found amongst my fabric off cuts. The backing piece is from my stash of mum’s old pj’s. It is cotton and has a slight mint green tone to it.

So at the moment this will be used as a doll quilt or blanket but since it is so simple it can be later used as a table runner or shelf liner. There is the ability for it to grow with the child.

Getting Back On Focus

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of knitting for charity and haven’t really focused on making all the gifts I wish to make this year for birthdays and Christmas. On facebook this week there was that little reminder of how many weeks until Christmas, for some people it was a laugh for me it was a reminder that maybe its about time to get back on track.

Blocks In Progress

I still need to finish all my gifts for this year. One is a work in progress (baby blocks) which I’m pretty confident in finishing in the next week or so. The other gift I haven’t started yet is a child’s skirt. I’ve printed out the pattern and have decided on the fabric, I’m going to a sewing event next month where everyone will be working on individual projects so I may take it to that but part of me is itching to start it sooner. I have another project in mind that I can work on at that event.

Child Skirt Pattern

I’ve looked through the rest of my gift list and there are still a few gaps of things I’m not sure about what I will make yet. I know I want to make a heap of softies but pin pointing which ones to make is the hard bit. There are so many out there I just don’t know which ones. I’m having to think what I’ve made for each child previously so I don’t give them the same item again, although I’m sure if a child likes an animal they won’t mind getting another one in a different style or shape. I think this is a good excuse for me to flip through all my craft books and look for softie patterns.

Moss Knit Scarf

I’ve learnt another knitting stitch, the moss stitch.

Moss Stitch Scarf

At first I thought this stitch would be complicated and require a lot of concentration but it was fairly simple. Admittedly in one section I did make a tiny error and you can see a slight change to the pattern but for the most part I had no trouble with it. This is another scarf for the KOGO project. I found a small ball of yarn in my stash and used it up. I’m calling this a child’s scarf due to the shorter length.

Shoulder Heat Pack

I’ve wanted to try this pattern I found on Pinterest for sometime. When I was asked to make a neck and shoulder heat pack I thought now was a great time to try it out.

Shoulder Heat Pack With Cover

I really like how this one has the chambers for the rice to sit in and not move about. How many times have you picked up a heat pack and had all the filling fall to the bottom. The tutorial done by Alissa is really simple to follow. I’ve made heat packs before but I’ve never made a shaped one before. When I make heat packs I like to have an outer cover that is washable over mine so I followed Alissa’s tutorial than made an additional cover.

Shoulder Heat Pack 2

To get the round neck shape I found a plastic plate came in handy for the curve. The calico piece next to it was the piece I cut away.

Shoulder Heat Packer Inner

Once I finished filling the chambers of the heat pack I measured it to see the finished size. I first made the outer case following the same steps as in making a regular rectangle pillowcase. To cut the neck area I then placed my heat pack over the top and traced a chalk mark around the inner neck area this was my finished size line. From that mark I did a second chalk line about 3/4’s of an inch in which was my cutting line. All my seams on this outer case were just straight stitch followed by an overcast stitch on the raw edge.

I tried not to make this too heavy. It weights 2kg which isn’t too bad. I fill my heat packs with rice and lavender.

I Won Yarn!

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a competition on Lincraft’s Facebook page. The prize was an Elicia yarn pack. It arrived yesterday.

Elicia Yarn

I’m so excited. From the moment I found out I’d won I’d decided I’d use the yarn to make scarves for KOGO I’ll make at least 5 scarves from the pack I’ve won. Even though I’m already working on another scarf I couldn’t help myself and started a scarf with the new yarn, there was even a pattern on the label. I’ve never knitted with this yarn before. It’s very interesting. At first it took a moment to work out as you don’t cast on and knit in the traditional sense but once I read the instructions on the inside of the label I was off.

Elicia Yarn 1st Attempt

So a big thank you to Lincraft for my yarn. I’m going to use it to help others.