Scrappy Teaset

Yes, I’ve made another Teaset. I can’t help it!! I love the pattern so much and I just want to make it for every family that I know who have little girls. I am now up to Teaset number 4, and counting…

Scrap Tea Set

In making this Teaset I decided to set myself a craft challenge, only use fabric from my scrap stash. I have many boxes of small scraps that I’ve used in my gifts over the years. All the fabric had to be found amongst the stash. It meant that I really put thought into each piece and shape. I also had to work out which colours would go together in the small segments.

Scrap Tea Cup

In making the cups I decided to put the sewing skills I learnt in the sewing class to good use and stitched a design on the outer plain panels. I’m really happy with how it looks because even though it’s the same fabric as the handle and the inner cup, the stitching makes it look different. A simple bit of stitching makes plain fabric look fancy.

Scrap Tea Pot

This is also the first time that I have used multi-coloured pieces on the cups and the teapot. I had to calculate out the number of pieces I cut and make sure I stitched them in the right order so to form the pattern.

I did make a small dent in my stash with this project, not that you can really tell. I like setting little personal challenges like this for myself. I’m going to take this teaset with me to Urban Stitches this year for show and tell. I’m very proud of it.

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