It Pays To Check Your Feet

When I did the sewing class the teacher told us of a very useful foot for sewing decorative stitches. The Open Toe Applique foot (Janome F2 foot) There isn’t a guide in front of the foot allowing you to see better. My Memory Craft 11000 machine didn’t come with that foot so I thought I would buy one. On the day the shop didn’t have any in stock and when I asked at another store they didn’t have the foot either.


I was putting away sewing tools in the sewing pouches I brought at the craft show and discovered the small sewing machine (my first ever machine) came with the F2 foot. Great I had one I didn’t need to buy one. Going through another box of machine feet that came with my second machine I discovered it also came with the F2 foot. Perfect now I have 2. I can store one with my main sewing machines and the other I can store in the craft tote with my small machine that I take to Sewing Guild. It was fate that I never actually brought the foot as 3 of the same foot would have been useless. I have a book on the different sewing feet Janome has. I must get it out and sit down with all the feet that I have and mark out which ones I own so I can use them and not double up with buying extra.


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