Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair 2014

Initially I wasn’t going to go to this years  Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair  It’s at a new temporary venue for 3 years while Darling Harbour is being redeveloped. I had a last minute change of plans and decided to go check it out.

The venue itself is surprisingly really good. An entire function centre with amenities has been built on the site. There is much more room than in the previous venue. It seems to have more seating and food facilities than before. Free ferries and buses were provided from the centre of Sydney to the venue. There is onsite parking with a mini bus from the car park to the door. There is also a drop off point for taxi’s which is how I got there. Coming home there was a marshal to control the taxi pickups which was fantastic. The entire experience there was lovely. I’m glad I decided to go.

Ok to the fun stuff. Due to the last minute decision to go I didn’t attend any of the classes or talks that are on offer I instead just went shopping and looked at the quilt display. My main purchase for the day was another Horn sewing cabinet for my overlocker. Its was the reason I decided to go the show. I picked up some Florani stabilizers as I need to bite the bullet and learn the embroidery function of my sewing machine, I got a sashiko finger thimble as the other day I was hand sewing and really could have used it. I found some bargain yarn from Dairing to make some gifts for next year (yes I think that far ahead) I also came across some discounted Stitch magazines as they are hard to get in Australia and some felt which can be used in toys. The ‘new” item I brought which wasn’t on my shopping list was a piece of laminated fabric. I’m interested in making my own snack bags and have brought a piece to try the idea.

Craft Show Goodies Jul 14

Each year members of the Quilting Guild makes some small items to raise funds for the their projects. Normally I buy the little thread catchers which come in very handy. This year I couldn’t find any blue ones that were jumping out saying “Buy Me” I however did see some little sewing pouches. I need some to keep items in my sewing tote for Sewing Guild so they were perfect. They will hold a lot but will squish into the pockets that I have on my tote.

Quilting Guild Pouches

To be honest I didn’t think I would like the new venue but I had a great time. I can highly recommend it. Maybe next year I might be able to spend longer and it and do some classes. Normally I do this show over at least 2 days just to fit everything in.



2 thoughts on “Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair 2014

  1. You really enjoyed your day at the Craft Show it is always a great event. We have a busload go down from here each year leaving at 5am in the morning and getting home at 10.30 at night all tired, worn out, shopped out and having had a wonderful craft inspired day. I enjoyed your well written article keep them coming.

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