Scrappy Teaset

Yes, I’ve made another Teaset. I can’t help it!! I love the pattern so much and I just want to make it for every family that I know who have little girls. I am now up to Teaset number 4, and counting…

Scrap Tea Set

In making this Teaset I decided to set myself a craft challenge, only use fabric from my scrap stash. I have many boxes of small scraps that I’ve used in my gifts over the years. All the fabric had to be found amongst the stash. It meant that I really put thought into each piece and shape. I also had to work out which colours would go together in the small segments.

Scrap Tea Cup

In making the cups I decided to put the sewing skills I learnt in the sewing class to good use and stitched a design on the outer plain panels. I’m really happy with how it looks because even though it’s the same fabric as the handle and the inner cup, the stitching makes it look different. A simple bit of stitching makes plain fabric look fancy.

Scrap Tea Pot

This is also the first time that I have used multi-coloured pieces on the cups and the teapot. I had to calculate out the number of pieces I cut and make sure I stitched them in the right order so to form the pattern.

I did make a small dent in my stash with this project, not that you can really tell. I like setting little personal challenges like this for myself. I’m going to take this teaset with me to Urban Stitches this year for show and tell. I’m very proud of it.


KOGO Scarf Complete

KOGO Scarf Finished

I completed my scarf for the KOGO Project It only took me the weekend to make it and I only used 1 ball of yarn. I wanted to use a colour which was unisex so that it could be given to anyone who needs it. This will be the first of many items I donate to this organisation. What I really like about this group is that the yarn doesn’t always need to be 100% wool so I can use up my stash of acrylic yarn.

Christmas Stockpile – Necklaces

Crochet Necklace

For a lot of the little girls I give presents to this year for Christmas I’m making them up jewellery boxes. I’m filling them with little items that I make. Every jewellery box needs a necklace (or 2) I decided to make simple crochet necklaces. All I did was chain some yarn then joined it to make a circle and tied it off. I joined another piece of yarn and did the same thing but made it slightly larger. I then took a 3rd piece of yarn and made the chain longer still. I weaved in all the ends. Really simple but I think a little girl would like her necklace.

New Project KOGO Scarf

I’m really in a knitting mood at the moment. It may be due to it’s all wintery and cold, or it may be the fact I’m a little tired and want something simple to do in front of the tv. Yesterday I heard about the KOGO organisation and instantly thought it was something I wanted to contribute to.

KOGO Scarf Start

A scarf is a simple project that I can do. I grabbed some yarn from my stash and a pair of 7 1/2mm needles. I wanted a larger needle than I normally use to knit it faster. These needles were my nans. I decided also to make this project into a learning experience for myself by making up a simple rib pattern. I cast on 25 stitches and working a pattern of 5 knit 5 purl did my first row. I repeated this in reverse on the 2nd row and carried on from there. A couple of times I’ve had to do some reverse knitting due a slight miscount. When finished this will be the biggest project I’ve done in a stitch other than garter stitch.

It Pays To Check Your Feet

When I did the sewing class the teacher told us of a very useful foot for sewing decorative stitches. The Open Toe Applique foot (Janome F2 foot) There isn’t a guide in front of the foot allowing you to see better. My Memory Craft 11000 machine didn’t come with that foot so I thought I would buy one. On the day the shop didn’t have any in stock and when I asked at another store they didn’t have the foot either.


I was putting away sewing tools in the sewing pouches I brought at the craft show and discovered the small sewing machine (my first ever machine) came with the F2 foot. Great I had one I didn’t need to buy one. Going through another box of machine feet that came with my second machine I discovered it also came with the F2 foot. Perfect now I have 2. I can store one with my main sewing machines and the other I can store in the craft tote with my small machine that I take to Sewing Guild. It was fate that I never actually brought the foot as 3 of the same foot would have been useless. I have a book on the different sewing feet Janome has. I must get it out and sit down with all the feet that I have and mark out which ones I own so I can use them and not double up with buying extra.

Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair 2014

Initially I wasn’t going to go to this years  Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair  It’s at a new temporary venue for 3 years while Darling Harbour is being redeveloped. I had a last minute change of plans and decided to go check it out.

The venue itself is surprisingly really good. An entire function centre with amenities has been built on the site. There is much more room than in the previous venue. It seems to have more seating and food facilities than before. Free ferries and buses were provided from the centre of Sydney to the venue. There is onsite parking with a mini bus from the car park to the door. There is also a drop off point for taxi’s which is how I got there. Coming home there was a marshal to control the taxi pickups which was fantastic. The entire experience there was lovely. I’m glad I decided to go.

Ok to the fun stuff. Due to the last minute decision to go I didn’t attend any of the classes or talks that are on offer I instead just went shopping and looked at the quilt display. My main purchase for the day was another Horn sewing cabinet for my overlocker. Its was the reason I decided to go the show. I picked up some Florani stabilizers as I need to bite the bullet and learn the embroidery function of my sewing machine, I got a sashiko finger thimble as the other day I was hand sewing and really could have used it. I found some bargain yarn from Dairing to make some gifts for next year (yes I think that far ahead) I also came across some discounted Stitch magazines as they are hard to get in Australia and some felt which can be used in toys. The ‘new” item I brought which wasn’t on my shopping list was a piece of laminated fabric. I’m interested in making my own snack bags and have brought a piece to try the idea.

Craft Show Goodies Jul 14

Each year members of the Quilting Guild makes some small items to raise funds for the their projects. Normally I buy the little thread catchers which come in very handy. This year I couldn’t find any blue ones that were jumping out saying “Buy Me” I however did see some little sewing pouches. I need some to keep items in my sewing tote for Sewing Guild so they were perfect. They will hold a lot but will squish into the pockets that I have on my tote.

Quilting Guild Pouches

To be honest I didn’t think I would like the new venue but I had a great time. I can highly recommend it. Maybe next year I might be able to spend longer and it and do some classes. Normally I do this show over at least 2 days just to fit everything in.


Christmas Stockpile – Shower Mitts

I’m starting to make some gifts for Christmas. There are a few gifts that I’m making in bulk to give as gifts and shower mitts are one of them.

Shower Mitts

I used the same pattern as before. This time I’ve relaxed my tension more so they aren’t so tight and are a little bit larger. I’ve also made the hanging loop larger so they can be hung over a tap if necessary. These colours are Bendigo Woollen Mills peach and daffodil