Accidental Felting

Last weekend in the laundry I found the Tunisian Crochet Scarf I made last year

Finished Scarf

I decided to wash it with some other yarn items I had. I remembered to add wool wash and I did it in warm water. What I did forget was….. to wash it on the wool cycle in the machine. I washed it on the regular cycle in the machine resulting in it now being felted. I only remembered when the load had finished and I was taking it out.

Felting Accident

I tried to pulling it back into normal shape but couldn’t really stretch it. It’s still very fluffy and looks good so it isn’t wasted. Sorry nieces you don’t get this one yet.

It’s very interesting to see the before and after effect of the felting. The yarn has really mattered together and the distinct stitch pattern has disappeared. Unfortunately the photo doesn’t show it but you can still see some texture up close but it is nothing like it originally was.

So it seems felting is very easy to do. Ironically the day before I did this I was thinking at some point I should try felting on an old skirt I have and use the piece to make a toy or a bag. I will try it intentionally sometime but I think I may need to use hotter water or do it a couple of times to get a proper felting look.

2 thoughts on “Accidental Felting

    • So true, you don’t need to squeeze into a scarf.
      I think your right that the new is better looking. It gives it a more cozy feel by taking away some of the rigidness of the pattern from before. It looked a little too perfect before where as now it doesn’t look like a machine produced item even though it was done by hand.

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