World Wide Knitting In Public Week

Reading G-Ma Ellen’s Hands blog the other day I discovered June 14th – 22nd is World Wide Knit In Public Week

I’m a big public knitter. Mostly cause of the fact I can’t sit anywhere and keep still so I like to keep my hands busy with knitting or crochet. I’ve knitted on trains, buses, cafes, waiting rooms, during an ultrasound appointment (not my own). Probably the most oddest place that I’ve knitted was whilst playing on a poker machine at the pub for a bit of fun.

Pub Knitting

So in the spirit of Knitting In Public week I decided today to take my knitting to the pub. This is not an abnormal occurrence I often do this on a weekend. I’m one to stick to the soft drink cause I don’t want to drop a stitch. WIRES pouches are an excellent project to do in public as they are just straight Garter stitch and you can’t mess them up. I don’t take anything that requires much concentrating on them whilst I’m knitting in public cause I’m only a basic knitter and I loose track easily if I’m not careful. People often talk to you when your public knitting. I got a strange look from a girl once when I was knitting at a railway station and she asked what I was knitting. I guess she was expecting me to say a scarf or a beanie but I proudly announced I was making a dishcloth! I guess she doesn’t understand the love of a dishcloth.


4 thoughts on “World Wide Knitting In Public Week

  1. I’m jealous! I have tried knitting I don’t know how many times and it has not been the relaxing experience I so want it to be! I do crochet! Is there a crochet in public week? 😉

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