I’ve Joined The ASG (Australian Sewing Guild)


I’ve decided to join the Australian Sewing Guild. My local group meets at a craft shop once a month. Last month I went for a trial visit to see basically what they were about it and if it would be something that I’d be interested in. I loved it so much as soon as I got home I filled the online membership and joined. This past Sunday was my second meeting.

A sewing guild sounds all formal and scary but really it’s not. It’s just like minded people coming together for a day of sewing whilst chatting, sharing information and experience. My main reason for wanting to join the Guild was to learn from others and soak up as much information from them as I can. Except from the beginner sewing skills my mum taught me and which got me started on my sewing journey I’m self taught. I’ve never been to sewing classes. If I want to try something I need to read books, look on youtube or ask my sewing friends.

Some guild groups are larger in members and may have a guest speaker come to the meeting to talk or they may have a charity project that the group is all working on. My group is just a small one with 6 members at present. We just bring in whatever project we’re working on and do that. This month I took a batch of WIRES pouches to work. I was going to take a photo but it was only once I got home I realised I was so engrossed in my sewing I forgot.

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