Accidental Felting

Last weekend in the laundry I found the Tunisian Crochet Scarf I made last year

Finished Scarf

I decided to wash it with some other yarn items I had. I remembered to add wool wash and I did it in warm water. What I did forget was….. to wash it on the wool cycle in the machine. I washed it on the regular cycle in the machine resulting in it now being felted. I only remembered when the load had finished and I was taking it out.

Felting Accident

I tried to pulling it back into normal shape but couldn’t really stretch it. It’s still very fluffy and looks good so it isn’t wasted. Sorry nieces you don’t get this one yet.

It’s very interesting to see the before and after effect of the felting. The yarn has really mattered together and the distinct stitch pattern has disappeared. Unfortunately the photo doesn’t show it but you can still see some texture up close but it is nothing like it originally was.

So it seems felting is very easy to do. Ironically the day before I did this I was thinking at some point I should try felting on an old skirt I have and use the piece to make a toy or a bag. I will try it intentionally sometime but I think I may need to use hotter water or do it a couple of times to get a proper felting look.


K Washcloth

K in a day

Washcloth K

I knitted K in a day over a few hours. I think its the first time I’ve completed one the same day. Again it is Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply cotton the colour is Hollyhock. The photo doesn’t do it justice, its a nice mauve colour. I really love these monogram patterns. They are so simple to do.

World Wide Knitting In Public Week

Reading G-Ma Ellen’s Hands blog the other day I discovered June 14th – 22nd is World Wide Knit In Public Week

I’m a big public knitter. Mostly cause of the fact I can’t sit anywhere and keep still so I like to keep my hands busy with knitting or crochet. I’ve knitted on trains, buses, cafes, waiting rooms, during an ultrasound appointment (not my own). Probably the most oddest place that I’ve knitted was whilst playing on a poker machine at the pub for a bit of fun.

Pub Knitting

So in the spirit of Knitting In Public week I decided today to take my knitting to the pub. This is not an abnormal occurrence I often do this on a weekend. I’m one to stick to the soft drink cause I don’t want to drop a stitch. WIRES pouches are an excellent project to do in public as they are just straight Garter stitch and you can’t mess them up. I don’t take anything that requires much concentrating on them whilst I’m knitting in public cause I’m only a basic knitter and I loose track easily if I’m not careful. People often talk to you when your public knitting. I got a strange look from a girl once when I was knitting at a railway station and she asked what I was knitting. I guess she was expecting me to say a scarf or a beanie but I proudly announced I was making a dishcloth! I guess she doesn’t understand the love of a dishcloth.

Sadie Nightgown

As previously mentioned I’ve never properly made clothing before. In my first year of sewing I did make a couple of toddler sundresses but I felt like I was cheating as the fabric was already smocked and all I did was join the dresses to form a tube and make a couple of straps for each one. I’ve never followed a pattern. Making clothing is something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile so when a friend was looking for winter nightgowns for her daughter I thought I could have ago at making them.

Sadie Nightgowns

Through the magic of pinterest I came across this pattern on Esty. It looked simple enough and I liked that I could print it to my pc instantly.

I used flannelette fabric and brought more than what the pattern called for. I never measured the fabric after I pre-shrunk it so I’m not sure how much it shrunk by. Admittedly I did add a bit of length to the main part of the body however still it was about the same length as the next size up which still in theory should’ve fitted the length of fabric I brought. I couldn’t get the full length of both arm pieces. That wasn’t a problem as I adapted.

On the pink one I only needed really to add a cuff to make the sleeves the correct length so with my leftover fabric I cut 2 rectangles and folded each one wrong sides together then attached them to each sleeve.

Pink Sleeves

On the purple one I had to add much more than a cuff so mid way down the arm I added an extra piece at the same point on each sleeve so it looks like it was supposed to be the style.

Purple Sleeves

Sewing wise perhaps I’ve sewn these a bit wrong. Instead of stitching them first on a regular machine and then going back over the edges with an overlocker. I decided to use a 4 thread overlocker to do all the seams. I’m not sure what effect that will have on the life of the garment. I did have a bit of trouble getting the corner seam from the armpit to the main body. I had to go over it a few times and its not the prettiest piece of sewing work. I did break a needle going over one of the sleeve pieced seams which was interesting cause I’ve never broken a needle before. I had to get out my instruction manual to figure out how to change the needle and then rethread it.

Broken Needle

On the regular sewing machine I tried to use a rolled hem foot but I couldn’t really get it so I just did a double fold for the hems. The bottom and arms hems were easy the neckline not so easy as it was very narrow.

For a first attempt I’m fairly happy with them. My friend is going to give me feedback on the fit and how well they wash. I really liked the simplicity of Seamingly Smitten’s patterns. The instructions were easy to understand and the paper patterns were so easy to read. They have a facebook page and a closed facebook group which I’ve joined. Until the end of June if you purchase the instant download patterns from their actual website you will find a code on the site to get 50% all patterns, most of their patterns are $8US so with the code they become $4 each. Each pattern contains all the sizes so with one pattern download you can get all the sizes you need for a kid from baby to 8 years old. I’ve just purchased 5 that are really interesting. They have both adult and children’s patterns.

Rose Pink Blanket Finished

Rose Pink Blanket Finished

I should’ve been taking photos of this all the way through but I kept forgetting. I was on this nearly every day just doing bit by bit and before I knew it almost 6 balls of yarn went into it. This will be a newborn gift. The end size is 39″ x 51″ I know that is huge for a newborn to use but as the child grows they can still continue to use it. Eventually it can be a lap rug when they are adults. I like gifts that are going to stay around for the long term.

Gift List Stocktake

I’ve sat down with pen, paper and my diary and done a bit of a stocktake of my gift list for 2014.


I still have 4 birthday gifts to make for this year. This year I seem to be a little unorganised because I have a gift that needs to be sent next month and it’s not completed yet (or started for that matter) I don’t know what I seem to be doing with my time this year. I’ve adjusted my gift list so that I can make projects in the feasible time frame. I know what I’m making now.

Treasure Box Side

I’ve also written ideas out for Christmas presents. I need to start making them soon. Items like hairclips, rings, earrings won’t take long to make. There are some larger items that will take longer. There are some items that I’m making multiple of and need to make a start on. I still need to refine my Christmas list a little as I need to be specific about the item I’m going to make. It’s no good writing soft toy next to a child’s name I need to decide on the pattern. I also haven’t added every child yet to the list I just did a hurried one last night whilst I thought of it.

I’m feel slightly more organised now however I still need to pull finger out and make them all.

Door Latch Covers

Door Latch Covers

I’ve found a new thing to put in every baby gift now Door Latch Covers. If you’ve never heard of them you slip them over the handles of the door so that the door doesn’t make a sound when your closing the nursery and wake baby. Another great feature is that when they are attached to the door the door can’t be locked so kids can’t lock themselves in a room by accident. I saw them on Pinterest awhile back but it was only this weekend that I tried making my own.

Door Latch Cover

I found this tutorial. I made these with scraps and they took no time to make. They are an unusual yet very practical gift. I do like practical gifts.