Serger Changing Threads

I used my serger for the second time yesterday.

Luckily the machine already came pre-threaded so when I got it out last time I didn’t have to worry about threading it. I think the lovely people at the sewing machine company do this so you will actually use your machine and not go into a panic meltdown of how do I thread it. The threading instructions are pretty clear and really it’s very similar to your normal sewing machine however I heard of a cheats way to rethread it where you tie on the new cotton so I thought I’d give that a try.

Serger Tension Settings

When you were at school and someone was staring at you did you ever say “take a photo it lasts longer” Well that’s exactly what I did firstly of the tension dials that way I could remember back to what the factory tension set was. I adjusted the tension to 0 on both the lower loopers.

Serger Bottom Loopers

I cut each thread just above the cotton spool and tied each thread onto the new spool using a simple overhand knot. I then slowly pulled each thread one at a time through the machine until they threaded. I then remembered to set the tension dials back as per the photo.

Serger Knot Tie

Before I pulled each thread through I did cut off some of the excess threads that were at the end of the knot in the hope that would make them tangle less.

I used 2 different coloured spools so that I could see more clearly which thread belonged to which looper. Although I do have 4 spools of the same colour when I change over the top loops I might also have them different colours just so I can see.

Before I needed to change threads I could see my stitches were just a bit off. Once I had changed the threads and virtually rethreaded the bottom loopers it seemed to have fixed the problem so it really is true about rethreading the machine to fix problems.

2 thoughts on “Serger Changing Threads

    • Its a great little tip. Before I got found out about this method I was so worried at how to thread it. I guess if you do it lot and become used to your machine it wouldn’t be so frightening but for a novice or infrequent user its scary

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