Pillowcases For Roos

My friend is going up to the Kangaroo Sanctuary soon. She’s always after pillowcases to take with her so Brolga can use them in the care of the baby kangaroos. Recently I raided my linen closet for spare pillowcases and gave her a heap.

Pillowcase 1

A few weeks ago I brought an Overlocker (Serger) I’ve only used one once but that was under the guidance of my mum and it was a few years ago. I’ve got lots of books on the topic (of course I had to buy some new ones when I got my machine) I’m enrolled in a Beginners Serging class on Craftsy but until I get around to actually doing the course I wanted a simple project so I could at least pull the machine out of the box and not be scared of it. I thought what could be more simple than overlocking the straight edges of a pillowcase. I made covers for the heat packs which were effectively tiny pillowcases so I had a rough idea on the shape and construction of pillowcases.

PIllowcase 2

In my fabric stash I found an intact old doona cover and the remnants of another donna cover (Previously I used the rest of it to make dust covers for seasonal electrical appliances around the house) I turned an existing pillowcase inside out and took measurements from that. When cutting the fabric I probably broke every sewing rule there was. I never ironed the fabric. I pretty much just folded the fabric into layers until it fitted on my craft mat then cut it with the rotary cutter. Admittedly this did look like Edward Scissor Hands had cut it as some cutting lines were jaggered. However it all turned out. On the regular sewing machine I stitched the hems and the pillowcase construction of each one before taking them to the overlocker and doing the side seams. The fabric was folded in half so I didn’t need to do anything to the bottom of them. It was so easy to do the side seams. When I’ve made WIRES pouches I’ve used the overlocking stitch on the sewing machine and it would take a while to do so I can’t wait to do my next batch and serge the seams.

Pillowcase 3

In total I got 8 pillowcases made. I enjoyed making them. I gained confidence using my overlocker. I decluttered fabric and scraps from my stash and I was able help out a worthy cause in a practical way. It was only once I finished ironing them at the end I remembered the bright blue with the swirls was once my favourite doona cover. I even had it ordered in from another store I wanted it that much. I’m glad its now being used in a positive way.


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