Shrunken Jumper

Ok so I kind of feel odd talking about shrinking clothing on a craft blog cause I haven’t done anything crafty to this.

I brought a 100% cotton knit jacket last year on sale but when I got home I realised unfortunately it was just too big in the shoulders. I love baggy clothing but this was beyond loose fitting. Instead of sending it to the charity shop I thought with it being 100% cotton I’d attempt to shrink it first. I pre-shrink all my cottons when I do sewing so whats the difference. I never shrunk clothes on purpose before so it was a good experiment.


I took a picture of it under a purple shirt so I could do a before and after photo and see if there was a difference. In the before shot you can see the shoulder area is very large. The sleeves look a bit long and it even looks a little wide.

I washed it in hot water on the longest cycle (60mins) then stuck it in into a dryer on high for 75 mins. I took the after photos then let it dry for a day or two just hanging up inside to make sure it was fully dry. In the after shot you can see that the shoulder area is significantly smaller. The width is slightly smaller too. With the shoulders smaller the sleeve length reduced too.


I’m really happy with the size now. I think it has gone down 2 sizes. When I brought this I brought another jacket same style but in different colour one size smaller. This jacket is now smaller then the other one which I don’t mind. This jacket was a bargain buy and now I can get full use of it. I want to get into altering clothes I already have so this was a good taste test to see if I could. I know I didn’t do much expect put it in a washing machine but baby steps.



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