L Washcloth

L for Lolly

Washcloth L

This is L from the WoolsWool’s Happenin Blog I don’t think this person is doing the blog anymore but it is worth a look at the lovely patterns that they have still on the site.

Stitch Markers

I’ve done a lot of these washcloths and a trick I do when knitting them is to attach stitch markers at the 4th stitch in from each end. All the monogram patterns are 36 stitches in length. All the patterns have the same boarder to them 4 stitches in. If your not good at following knitting patterns or worried you’ll loose count having these 2 stitches markers in are very reassuring as you have shorter distance to count. I can knit on autopilot until I get to the markers.


2 thoughts on “L Washcloth

    • Your welcome. They are a really cute thing to make. If you didn’t want to make washcloths you could use them as bunting if you made a series of them

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