Reducing Doona Cover Size

I was asked to fix a doona cover after it brought but discovered to be the wrong size. I thought what a perfect time to learn to stitch with a twin needle. It will look decorative plus allow me to try something I’ve wanted to try for a while.

On youtube I watched this and Both had a few helpful tips and explained things easily. I set up my machine and first did a test try on the hems of a couple of WIRES pouches. Afterwards I got started on the doona cover.

Doona Cover Marking Out

Firstly I checked doona sizes online and discovered that it was only the width that was the difference between king and queen size. Having no space in my house the only place I had large enough to lay out the doona and mark it was my hall way. To make the doona look even I decided to come in 6″ on each side. I laid it out and marked my first line. I then marked a 2nd line at 3″ in which approximately the centre halfway from the edge and my first marked line. To mark the lines I used my large cutting ruler and a foldable Tradesman’s 1 metre ruler I brought on Ebay when I found out I would be doing this project. The Ebay description said this ruler was perfect for the home handyman I bet they never thought it would also be perfect for the home sewer. I marked and stitched one side first before putting the doona back on the floor and marking the 2nd side. I made sure the doonas were facing the same way up both times so the twin stitching wouldn’t be on separate sides of the doona.

Doona Cover Twin Stitched

I had no trouble with the first side. The second side was tricky and the fabric did gather around the top as I was almost going against the natural way of the doona. It doesn’t look as good as the other side but only right on the edge. Afterwards I’m thinking perhaps I should’ve ironed it before I started.

For a first attempt at twin stitching I don’t think I did too bad. I never broke any of my threads or anything like that. I will give it another go sometime.

On Bed

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