The Frustrated Crafter

This afternoon I’m a very frustrated crafter. I can’t get my ScanNCut machine to cut like I want it to do.

ScanNCut Failure

I’m trying to cut out some letters so I can applique them for baby blocks. My fabric is all prepped with the Vilesofix stuck to it. When I load my cutting mat into the machine it moves around and therefore isn’t cutting properly. I’ve tried reloading it several times still no luck. My fabric appears to be sticking to the mat but as soon as it comes to cutting my fabric shifts around. You can’t tell by the photo but the letters are only half cut then the fabric has shifted. The fabric is a fairly thickish cotton and plus with the added Vilesofix it is very sturdy and therefore shouldn’t move about. I’ve adjusted my cutting pressure as per a Tip Sheet I got from Brother but still having trouble. I need to cut fabric in 5 different colours. So far I’ve wasted this piece of yellow so will now have to cut another piece and prep it again. Normally I have trouble working with Vilesofix but today it is being my friend but my cutting machine isn’t. I really wanted to get these letters done today so I can start hand appliqueing them over the coming weeks. I’m very tempted to get out my Sizzix Cutting machine and do them through that but I can’t have alternate colours with that like I can with my ScanNCut.

I’m actually thinking last resort might be get out my lightbox and trace them the old fashion way. I have 3 sets of letters to do this could take a while…


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