2nd Attempt Drawing With Brother ScanNCut

Drawing Attempt 2


Take 2 on the drawing with Brother ScanNCut. After my 1st attempt at drawing I did things a little differently second time around. This time I cut my fabric and stabilizer down so they easily fitted within the grid on the scanning mat. I scanned my background fabric in first so I could see the placement of the design on the actual fabric. It fed through the machine with ease this time. The pen drew easily and I just sat back and watched it do its magic. I was at first thinking that it had missed some of outside of the design until I looked at the paper design once it was finished and realised that the outside lines it had drawn were actually the sides of the cut paper pattern I’d scanned into the machine. Also there is a few odd marks in the middle which I realised was where there the paper pattern had staple marks or fold lines. As the ink will wash out it doesn’t matter they are there however next time I might delete them like I did a label that was on the original paper pattern.

So important things to remember when drawing onto fabric

  • Ensure your fabric is within the gridlines so that it feeds easy
  • Use the blue marking pen if you want the drawn picture to stay on your fabric for any length of time as the purple pen only lasts a couple of days
  • If possible delete any sections and lines you don’t want the machine to draw in
  • Relax its not a scary process and with the water soluble and air soluble pens any mistakes will disappear



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