Washing Out ScanNCut Blue Marking Pen



After my 1st attempt at drawing with my ScanNCut machine I backstitched around one shape to use as a test piece to see how easily the blue marking pen would wash out. I’ve never used an erasable marker so I contacted Brother to ask how to do it as in the box there is no instructions and I couldn’t find anywhere on the net that said it. The staff were really helpful and told me that I could either wash it out in warm or cold water and use detergent.



I decided to rinse it under cold water and was amazed at how the ink just disappeared in front of my very eyes. I was like a kid watching a magic trick as it was that instant. People who are used to using water soluble markers would probably think nothing of this but as mentioned I’ve never done it before and was worried at what and how to do. I’m really happy now cause I can go ahead with the project I have in mind now.


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