Eye Pillows For Sale

For Sale

This is the first time I’ve ever made up batch of anything to try and sell. I brought a packet of blank business cards and on the computer created an instruction card to go on each pillow. I only made 8 pillows and took them into my work to see if there was much interest in them. 4 have sold so far. I also got an order for a heat pack which was a bonus. I’m going to make up some more eye pillows with Mother’s Day coming up in a few weeks people may be more interested in them.

6 thoughts on “Eye Pillows For Sale

    • Sheila, eye pillows are similar to wheat pillow but they are smaller so you can use them over your eyes or forehead. I fill mine with rice and a bit of lavender. You can freezer them if you want a cooling pack or heat them in the microwave for a few seconds if you want a heat pack. They are great if you have a headache or sore eyes or just want to relax.

      • Thanks, StitchNSew! I was wondering about that, and now I’m thinking I should make some for my husband for when he has migraines. The lavender sounds like it might help, as I know it’s very relaxing. Thank you!

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