Stitches & Craft Show 2014

Yesterday I went to the Sydney Stitches and Craft Show. I go every year. This year I went along with a friend.

Skirt Pattern

I usually do at least one class at shows like this. This year I did a skirt pattern drafting class. The class was really interesting but if your like myself and have never made clothes before you did get a little bit lost in it but in 1 hour you can’t learn everything. At the end of the class I’d drafted a skirt pattern that I can use as all the measurements are to my size (you were measured before the class) Online I’m sure I’ll find a skirt making tutorial that I can use this drafted pattern as my base.

Craft Show Goodies

This year I had no big ticket purchase items I wanted to get (last year I got my sewing cabinet at that show) I did do a bit of shopping which included some items I needed such as forceps for turning items right way out and a few accessories for my Scan & Cut machine but I also got some treat items such as some yarn to knit myself a necklace and a Sashiko panel. My friend and I did got a little Sashiko crazy but whilst finishing my coasters I found it so relaxing I wanted more. I also got some simple bag patterns that I can make for the many young girls I make for. Face it girls of any age can never have enough bags.

I was very good this year and resisted buying items I wouldn’t realistically use. I thought about items as I was buying them. I looked at lots of stuff but thought do I have enough of that already in my stash? Am I really going to do that craft? Do I need that or can I make do with what I’ve got? Oh no does this mean now I’ve finally turned into an adult and being considerate about my purchases or maybe now I’m just being a conscious crafter.


2 thoughts on “Stitches & Craft Show 2014

    • I remember you giving the tip that the forceps were useful previously I had a couple but I’ve now got them in 4 different sizes for projects of various sizes..

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