Crafting Within Minutes

Scrap Hair Tie

This morning I was going through my boxes of scrap fabric when I came across a small piece of fabric that I knew instantly would make a great hair tie. Within minutes I had it ironed, cut out and made. I’m a blue person so I know I will wear it all the time. In fact I think I will wear it to craft group today.


Knitted Necklace Number 2

Knitted Necklace Gift

I decided to make the friend who went to the craft show with me a knitted necklace for her birthday. On the day we were both saying how nice they were. I’ve made hers a little long then mine. I feel I may now have an addiction to knitted necklaces. They are super easy to make up.

Patchwork Penny

This is my version of Patchwork Penny from Wee Wonderfuls

Patchwork Pennys

I had to make 2 dolls as these are for twins. I’ve changed the colour of their go-go boots to make each doll different. I say this is my version of Patchwork Penny as I’ve done a couple of things different to the version in the book. I’ve embroidered the facial features differently. The book only has a patchwork strip down the front of her dress where as I raided my 1.5″ scrap squares and made the entire dress patchwork. I’ve also noticed I’ve sewn the legs a little differently but I’m happy with these. I’m pleased with how the hair turned out. As I mentioned in my last post I’ve never made hair before these dolls so for a first effort it wasn’t a disaster.

First Attempt At Doll Hair

Making doll hair has been on my todo for a while. This is the result of my first attempt.

Doll Hair Front

I used a piece of cardboard the width I wanted the hair length to be to wind the yarn around before cutting it in half. I placed the hair strands between freezer paper to stitch them together. Using a straight stitch I changed the length down to 1.5. After it was stitched I tore the paper away leaving the hair wig.

Doll Hair Stitching

I made 2 of the wigs then placed them on top of each other and hand stitched into place on the head. I cut 2 pieces of yarn then looped them over each side of the hair to form pigtails and tied them using a simple knot. I then hand stitched each pigtail into place.

Doll Hair Back

Knitted Necklace

At the Stitches and Craft show I was taken by a knitted necklace and just had to make one.

Knitted Necklace

The yarn is Gail by Dairing in the shade of blue. Its a mixture of Rayon and Metallic. It is so simple to make as its all done in stocking stitch using 8mm needles. Cast on 8 stitches then knit to the length you like. You stitch the ends together to form the circular shape. It is done with 2 strands of yarn. I was advised from the size cone I brought to wind half of it onto something else (I used an old blank dvd spindle) so that I would then have 2 strands of yarn. I can easily get about 3 or 4 necklaces out of one cone.


I’m not normally a jewellery person but I really like this. It looks so complicated with all the links but in reality is so simple. I made this is in a couple of hours.