Hello I’m a Lolly-Fly

Lolly-Fly 1

This is the first detailed softie that I’ve ever designed. Previously I’ve done basic shapes like Spot but I’ve never made something so detailed without following a pattern as a guideline. On some scrap paper I sketched out a butterfly wing. When I made Spot I think it took a few sketches before I was happy however this time the first wing I did was perfect. I went over the pencil sketch with black marker to see it better and then flipped over the paper and traced over the black outline again so the wing would be in reverse. For the main body I sketched out a head shape and originally just had a rectangle for the rest of the body.

When gathering the fabric from my stash I found a really nice large piece of fabric that had a goldish strip in it. I thought it would be perfect for the body as it was very detailed. I was able to slice off one of the gold strips and by chance in the process also got a pink strip which I used for the head. I found the blue and purple fabric which I’d previously dyed matched in the colours on the gold detail so used those as the applique pieces. I wanted the background of the wings to be contrasting with the rest of the fabrics so I went with just a plain pink. I found a 1.5″ strip of blue fabric already cut so used that for the antennas.

When constructing this I decided to curve the body a bit to make it cuter. The wings are one piece of fabric, I drew each one and left an inch gap between them so that I could attach them to the body. When I stitched them together I left 2 gaps for filling. I finished the main body first before hand sewing the empty wings onto the body. I had a slight mishap I didn’t check the wings before I started my 3 rows of hand sewing and stitched them the wrong direction, cause they were upside down I didn’t notice. I was sew devastated. I ended up having to unpick them which luckily didn’t ruin the body piece too much and re-stitch them. To cover up the messy stitching of the wings I used more of the antenna tube and appliqued it on. I think it also gives colour to the back without having to add anything else.

Lolly-Fly 2

I really like this. It’s just like how I saw it in my mind. I wanted to design a toy for my niece that was for her cause I told her at Christmas I’m yet to find a toy with her name (or nickname) in it. I’ve been told she likes butterflies so I hope she likes her Lolly-fly

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