Craft Folder

This is my craft folder.

Craft Folder

The folder is constantly growing. I keep all craft patterns that I draw out in here as well hand written craft notes I make when making items without patterns. I try and scribble notes as I do things so I can remember what to do if it worked out for next time. On printed patterns I have a lot of hand scribbled notes to help me the next time I make it. As previously mentioned I don’t always follow patterns to the exact instructions as I find some methods more easier than others so I tend to do what I’m more comfortable with.

The last type of things that I put in this folder are projects/patterns I find in disposable magazines that I tear out and don’t keep (not my actual craft mags) This is like a version of Pinterest you can hold in your hands. I don’t know if I will get to a lot of these things but if I ever want to at least I have them there already.


4 thoughts on “Craft Folder

  1. I finally started filing the patterns I’m designing into a folder with page protector sheets built in. What a nightmare it was before I did that. Of all the things in our craft rooms, you’d think the paper would be the easiest to corral!

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