Treasures Box

I was going to call this a jewellery box but I guess when your 6 years old you don’t have much jewellery so I’m calling it a treasures box cause when you’re a kid you have lots of little treasures.

Treasure Box Side

This is made using the Rug Canvas Fabric technique I mentioned in fabric leftovers As I mentioned in that post I’ve never made any of this before but am super happy with how it turned out for a first attempt. Admittedly I may of made it a little too long (the book warns about making it too long) so the ends cave in a little but once its full of stuff I’m sure it wont.

Treasure Box Top

It was super simple to make. Weaving the scraps was easy and you didn’t need any tools to do it. I’d never stitched on textures like this before but found the zig zag stitches and decorative stitches had no problem going through the layers. I’ve opted to keep this one fairly plain and haven’t used any fancy threads or embellishments but you could easily use metallic threads for the stitching or flowers or beads to the top. I opted to whip stitch all the sides together by hand but the book says you can machine stitch the sides to the base of the box and only need to hand stitch the corner sides. The lid is made using one piece with the corners cut out then stitched in to give the shape.

Rug Canvas Fabric

I can see how these can be addictive to make. Your only limited by your imagination on how it turns out. I choose to use mostly pinks as Little Miss soon to be 6 loves pink. In my next one I’ll experiment with different colours. I have plenty of strips in my stash.

What I like about this treasures box is that its an item I can see her using as she grows. Now she might have tiny toys or hair clips in it but as she gets older she might keep nail polishes in it and when she’s older still use it to keep her spare coins in. I hope she does keep on to it for years to come.


2 thoughts on “Treasures Box

  1. Very do you weave the strips before you stitch ? This reminds me of a coin purse I made ages back, stitching on layers of small useless bits of scrap. The fabric turned out very thick but used up a lot of thread 😉

  2. You just weave the strips between some of the holes in the rug canvas. You can see small bits of the rug canvas as you weave under it. I had no problem with the strips staying in place until I stitched them.

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