Scrap Quilt Rail Fence

In decluttering the stash I mentioned cutting up my scraps for charity quilts well I’ve made a start on stitching blocks together.

Scraps 2

I have a lot of 3.5″ strips due to heaps I cut years ago for a project and a small tub my mum had cut for a project for herself. I wanted an ongoing hand sewing project so have decided to turn the strips into rail fence blocks. I really like the look of rail fence blocks made with 3 strips containing 2 of the same fabric with a contrasting fabric in the middle. It gives the look of a scrap quilt but just a little more organised.

Rail Fence 1

I’ve gathered all the strips in a ziplock bag and close my eyes picking randomly the 2 colours I will use. I must admit sometimes I’ve cheated if the 2 colours I picked were too similar or just didn’t go I actually chose a colour to go with it. But the majority of it is done randomly.

Rail Fence 2

After doing a few I actually came across some that were in the tub mum had and found she’d done the same block. I can’t remember if she was making them at the same time I was when I originally made the blue quilt which I donated to charity last year. I used rail fence blocks in the border. After finding mum’s ones it made me more happy that I’d pick the right choice for this scrap quilt. As I’ve mentioned before I have no deadline for these quilts. They are just long term projects I’m working on to put my scraps to good use.


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