Car Playmat

This is a travel playmat. It folds up when on the move.

Car Mat

On pinterest I saw several travel playmats but none that made me think yes I want to make the exact same one. I had an image in my head of how I wanted it to be it was just a matter of finding a good tutorial to help me along the way. This one by Jill is the site I kept going back to. My playmat is a twist on hers. I loved her idea and I tweaked it to match the idea in my head.

Car Mat Open

I wanted my playmat to be little bit larger so it is 21.5′ x 25″ The base is fleece fabric almost like a tracksuit fabric with a smooth side and a fleece side. I wanted to use this fabric partly cause I had it spare in my stash but also by having the fleece it made the project thicker and I didn’t have to line it with batting or wadding. I started with the roundabout (circles courtesy of a few kitchen items) From there I cut felt strips that I laid out from the centre. I stitched around the edges of each piece in black to hold them in place. To make the road lines I switched thread to white and using a straight stitch I increased it to the maximum length and just stitched the centre of each piece. I think the simple white on black really stands out.

Car Mat Pockets

On the back of the mat I used a blue corduroy fabric leftover from blueberry. Again it adds a bit of thickness to the mat. To store the cars I’ve stitched the pockets on the back of the mat but as my mat folds into thirds the pocked is actually in the centre when you fold it.

Car Mat Folded

As a closure I used some coloured Velcro. The loop tape is flexible enough to wrap around and hold it into place and isn’t hard when the mat is opened out. You don’t really notice the small section of hook tape.

This turned out just the way I imagined it would if not better. I’m sure I’ll make this again. Apologises for the photos not my best bit of photography

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