N Washcloth

In 2014 I’m going to be making a lot of washcloths to go with my gifts.

Washcloth N

I found a great site that has free knitted letters patterns. This is the N pattern. The pattern is really easy to follow however I did write out the last dozen or so rows so I didn’t have to keep count when it says repeat 4 times. I had 2 sets of stitch markers in my work marking the 4th and 10th stitches on each side as these stitches were referred to each row. It enabled me to go on autopilot a bit but also helped me keep count to ensure I was following the pattern correctly.

4 thoughts on “N Washcloth

  1. I know this is so very late in coming (December kicked my butt!) but I was one of the lucky dishcloth swap girls who got one of your creations. Just wanted to thank you for all its loveliness and it is happily joining my little stash of cloths. Thanks again, and happy new year, Jody xx

  2. I was going to make a load of these for Christmas presents. I didn’t get around to it (quite) so am on to it in 2014. Thank you for the link to the alphabet. Really useful. x

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