Scrap Quilt Rail Fence

In decluttering the stash I mentioned cutting up my scraps for charity quilts well I’ve made a start on stitching blocks together.

Scraps 2

I have a lot of 3.5″ strips due to heaps I cut years ago for a project and a small tub my mum had cut for a project for herself. I wanted an ongoing hand sewing project so have decided to turn the strips into rail fence blocks. I really like the look of rail fence blocks made with 3 strips containing 2 of the same fabric with a contrasting fabric in the middle. It gives the look of a scrap quilt but just a little more organised.

Rail Fence 1

I’ve gathered all the strips in a ziplock bag and close my eyes picking randomly the 2 colours I will use. I must admit sometimes I’ve cheated if the 2 colours I picked were too similar or just didn’t go I actually chose a colour to go with it. But the majority of it is done randomly.

Rail Fence 2

After doing a few I actually came across some that were in the tub mum had and found she’d done the same block. I can’t remember if she was making them at the same time I was when I originally made the blue quilt which I donated to charity last year. I used rail fence blocks in the border. After finding mum’s ones it made me more happy that I’d pick the right choice for this scrap quilt. As I’ve mentioned before I have no deadline for these quilts. They are just long term projects I’m working on to put my scraps to good use.


High Tea

Another Teaset

Royal Teaset

This one makes me think all royal and posh. Like having tea and cucumber sandwiches with the Queen. This teaset is for another young lady having a birthday this year. In this teaset I’ve done a bit of upcycling. The plain blue fabric is left over from an old donna cover which I’d previously cut up and made dust covers with for fans and heaters in my home. This fabric went nicer with the floral fabric than other fabric I had in my stash. Also the teapot is stuffed using the filling of an old cushion insert I had that has seen better days. I washed and dried the pillow insert before cutting it open. Not only did I make a gift here but I also recycled, was frugal and decluttered all at the same time.

Fabric Leftovers

A few years ago I picked up a great little craft book Fabric Leftovers by D’Arcy-Jean Milne.

Fabric Leftovers

The whole book is about using the scraps whether they be fabric, beads, threads, wire, recycled clothing. The book demonstrates a number of techniques that can be used with the scraps some of which I’ve never heard of before such as Rug Canvas Fabric and Sweet Beads. It discusses the “Fabric Food Chain” which is sorting your scraps from the largest to smallest and what types of projects you can do with the scraps in the different stages/sizes. Once you learn the different techniques it shows you practical projects you can make from bags to fabric bowls to jewellery to photo frames.

So far I’ve only made one project from this book and that was the fabric beads on T-Rex Even though until this point I hadn’t made much from the book I found myself going back to read it every few months. From the moment I read about Rug Canvas Fabric I wanted to try it and have been setting aside fabric strips for it. Here’s a sneaky peak at an item I’m working on at the moment.

Rug Canvas Fabric

If you can ever get your hands on a copy of this book I really do urge you to have a read. In Australia its hard to get online but I noticed Lincraft stores have it amongst their $7.99 books which is where I picked up mine. This book is full of wonderful ideas and tips on what to do with the scraps. As I’ve mentioned before I have a lot of fabric scraps and yes I did declutter the stash last month but I still have a lot of useful scraps. This book shows me another different way to use them. Craft supplies aren’t the cheapest things in the world so we might as well get the most out of them.

Car Playmat

This is a travel playmat. It folds up when on the move.

Car Mat

On pinterest I saw several travel playmats but none that made me think yes I want to make the exact same one. I had an image in my head of how I wanted it to be it was just a matter of finding a good tutorial to help me along the way. This one by Jill is the site I kept going back to. My playmat is a twist on hers. I loved her idea and I tweaked it to match the idea in my head.

Car Mat Open

I wanted my playmat to be little bit larger so it is 21.5′ x 25″ The base is fleece fabric almost like a tracksuit fabric with a smooth side and a fleece side. I wanted to use this fabric partly cause I had it spare in my stash but also by having the fleece it made the project thicker and I didn’t have to line it with batting or wadding. I started with the roundabout (circles courtesy of a few kitchen items) From there I cut felt strips that I laid out from the centre. I stitched around the edges of each piece in black to hold them in place. To make the road lines I switched thread to white and using a straight stitch I increased it to the maximum length and just stitched the centre of each piece. I think the simple white on black really stands out.

Car Mat Pockets

On the back of the mat I used a blue corduroy fabric leftover from blueberry. Again it adds a bit of thickness to the mat. To store the cars I’ve stitched the pockets on the back of the mat but as my mat folds into thirds the pocked is actually in the centre when you fold it.

Car Mat Folded

As a closure I used some coloured Velcro. The loop tape is flexible enough to wrap around and hold it into place and isn’t hard when the mat is opened out. You don’t really notice the small section of hook tape.

This turned out just the way I imagined it would if not better. I’m sure I’ll make this again. Apologises for the photos not my best bit of photography

Finished Blanket

Drum roll…. The blanket is finished.

Pink Blanket Finished

Actually I finished it about a week ago but was waiting until I got a chance to block it. Before coming across this site I’d heard briefly about blocking but didn’t really know about how and why you should do it. I just used my steam iron to steam block this blanket. Not sure if I did it correctly or if it even made much of a difference either way I attempted it and I’m happy with the blanket.

The finished measurement is 37″ x 36.5″ I didn’t measure it before I did the ending row otherwise I would’ve made it square as I still hard yarn over. It doesn’t matter cause its still a good side and what’s half an inch? Even though its for a baby this blanket the child can still use it as they grow and even be used as a lap blanket for an adult. I’m also thinking this size would be good to throw over a pram in winter if the child is sleeping.

I was surprised how relaxing I found making this. I was doing a couple of stitches every now and then during the day and trying to do at least one row each night. Its the kind of project you can do whilst watching tv cause its so simple as there was no following patterns or counting. After I finished this I found myself lost cause I’d sit down in front of the tv and I had nothing to keep my hands busy.