Tea Cup


In September I mentioned a quilt block I wanted to make. It’s for Sarah Fielke who is having a birthday quilt along and has asked people to contribute a block to her quilt.

Luckily the deadline was extended to January as I never got to it by December. The reason wasn’t that I didn’t have the time to make it the reason was fear. For the block I had to make 2 angular cuts on either side of the cup then sew on rectangles that would flip out and then make the rectangle shape again. We were supplied with a template to use but it took my mind a little while to be confident that I understood the instructions to do it correctly. I had extra fabric in case I made a mistake but still for some reason I couldn’t get the nerve to do it. This all sounds rather silly doesn’t it. Finally last weekend I took the plunge and did it. It suddenly all clicked and I completed the block in no time.

Tea Cup

What I have learnt from all this is not to be worried about the outcome of a project. There is a first time to try everything. Just go ahead and try it. If it works out great if it doesn’t then you can look at where you need to adjust things next time to fix them. I’m taking this attitude into 2014


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