Pink Blanket Begins

I’ve started a blanket that I’m hoping to finish in time for a gift next year.

Pink Blanket Start

I’ve only ever made blankets for dolls before never for a person. In my mind I knew how I wanted the blanket to look it was just the logistics of making it. I had no idea on how many crochet chains to start with for the size I wanted. I thought I’d found the perfect pattern and ordered the yarn accordingly for it. It was only when I went to start crocheting it and read it in full I realised its a rectangle from the inside out done in rounds. That wasn’t really what I was wanting. In my mind I had it just being crocheted row by row. I wanted it to be almost like a Granny Stripe but just in one colour. I did a dolls blanket version of this one last year so went back to it for a reminder on how to it row by row. I still had the problem of not know how long to make the chain until I found this

So I worked out how many chains and started it. First attempt didn’t really work. Yes I know you should start with a larger hook to do the foundation chain then switch to the smaller hook but for some reason I went the other way round and made the foundation chain with a smaller crochet hook and when I changed up to a larger one it made it curl. The larger hook still wasn’t the right size for my yarn. So second attempt I used the suggested hook as in the rectangle granny blanket that I liked originally. I also found with the larger hook I didn’t need so many chains.

The wool I’m using is called Classic by Bendigo Woolen Mills in Mulberry. Its 100% machine washable which is ideal for this blanket. I wanted one colour so I didn’t have to worry about colours being even through the blanket. Also I didn’t really know how much yarn I’d need so I didn’t want to be caught out. I’m really happy with it now.


3 thoughts on “Pink Blanket Begins

  1. Good luck on your blanket !! My granny square blanket took ages …had to make I think 58 squares and join them all together. But looked great once finished. I am yet to give it the lining I have been promising myself 😦

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