Happy Friday Parcel

The postman brought me a lovely parcel today. The dishcloths from the recent swap I participated in arrived.

This first one I’m calling the ribbed one. Its knitted and similar to the one I made for the swap except way more fancier. The lovely person who made this took the time to make it a strippy look which I think is really cool. I would love to one day knit in strips.

Dish Cloth Swap Ribbed

The second dishcloth is by Anna It is a knitted waffle design. This is the same yarn that I made my shawl in a few months ago. I really like it knitted in this dishcloth.

Dish Cloth Swap Waffle

The third dishcloth is from Laura her Instagram is @thisladylovescrochet (sorry Laura I don’t know how instagram works so I couldn’t put the link in for you) Its crocheted into 3 pieces I think then woven together. Its looks like so much work has gone into this. I almost don’t want to use it for dishes. I almost want to sew this onto the outside of a bag or something as a feature piece.

Dish Cloth Swap Woven

The last is by a very talented lady called Jodi. This crocheted dishcloth just reminds me of sunshine and summer. Its so bright and happy. I like this square shape and would love to one day do one like it.

Dish Cloth Swap Sunny

We attached a little tag to each dishcloth saying who made it. Jodi has done the most sweetest tag I’ve ever seen. Its a little envelope and it just made me smile. Very sweet.

Dish Cloth Swap Tag

So thank you to all the lovely people who participated in the swap. All your work is just so pretty. Thanks also again to Mel for running the swap


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