Decluttering The Stash

My scrap stash has gotten a bit out of control. Although I try and use stuff from it when possible I add to it with each project. It was now in 2 medium plastic tubs for which I couldn’t get the lid on the 2nd tub anymore. Like most crafters I find it hard to throw away fabric even if its just a small piece. I think its a waste surely I could do something with it. I saw a project in the latest edition of Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine by Julie Clarke “Flip-Flop Scraps” about making scrap quilts for charity from random scrap fabric. You basically just make blocks from scraps squares than use 1 colour as sashing pieces around each block to form the quilt. I can sew squares perfect.

Scraps 1

Because of the types of things I sew I often end up with random shaped off cuts so I set about going through my stash cutting out 2.5″ 2″ and 1.5″ squares from fabric where I could. I kept aside any large pieces that would be useable for future projects. But what to do with all the rest of it that I couldn’t cut down into squares but are too good to throw out. I finally settled on 2 ideas.

1. Give some to a friend who makes toys and is going to try how stuffing small offcuts will go in filling to toys.
2. Give some to another friend for her children to use in craft work.

Scraps 2

I’m happy for my scraps to go to these 2 homes. I know each of my friends will be able to use them. I’d rather the scraps get further used before just being thrown in the bin. To be honest once I decided where the scraps would go I found it easier to raid my stash. When I first started going through the stash I wanted to keep onto a lot of different thin offcuts cause I do have a project in mind to do with them one day. Once I knew that I wasn’t actually going to throw scraps in the bin but find a new home for them I relaxed and thought about realistically what I could actually use. I made a big dint in my scrap stash.

Scraps 3

As far as actually sewing all the squares together and making the quilts. I’m looking at this as a long term project. I’m not rushing madly into it but once all my squares are cut will start piecing the blocks when I can. I also know that I myself won’t get the chance to ever finish the quilts so I’m only looking at piecing the quilt tops than sending them to charities looking for completed quilt tops so they can make them up.


8 thoughts on “Decluttering The Stash

  1. It’s so cool to hear and see your process for using your fabric scraps. Please post pics of your quilt squares as you go. Would love to see it in progress as well as finished (some day).

  2. That’s a lot of work and you have been busy ! You will be surprised how I store my scraps…I sewed 3 bolster covers with tie pull threaded on top in three sizes. I sort the scraps into usable big ones, small scraps and absolute scraps (!) I stuff the covers with these scraps and use the bolsters as a back rest or even a stool to sit on sometimes 🙂 maybe I will do a post on this sometime 😉

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