Eye Pillows Ready For The Hamper

Packed Eye Pillows

I decided to type a little note to go along with the Eye Pillows so the recipient would understand how they could be used. I also think its nice seeing that what you’re receiving has been hand made. I found some purple paper and used that. I decided to wrap the pillows in clear cellophane.

I’m sure I will make these again. I’m going to try and get some card stock and print on that so it is thicker therefore I won’t need to wrap them in plastic instead just tie them on with string or yarn.

2 thoughts on “Eye Pillows Ready For The Hamper

  1. I have always thought every product we give away should have a note of its use, and the important fact about it being handmade…afterall we do spend time and effort to create it, however small it might be. I really appreciate your initiative.

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