Blue Bell Ball

This is part of my 2014 gifts.

Bell Ball

I made it the same way as I did my pentagon ball Again its made up from fabric from my scrap stash. This one however has an enclosed bell inside it. I couldn’t find the blue cotton I’ve used previously to sew this blue fabric so instead I used white. You can see some of the stitching but I was having a think and on real soccer balls you often see the stitching so I’m not too bothered by it.


Tea Cup


In September I mentioned a quilt block I wanted to make. It’s for Sarah Fielke who is having a birthday quilt along and has asked people to contribute a block to her quilt.

Luckily the deadline was extended to January as I never got to it by December. The reason wasn’t that I didn’t have the time to make it the reason was fear. For the block I had to make 2 angular cuts on either side of the cup then sew on rectangles that would flip out and then make the rectangle shape again. We were supplied with a template to use but it took my mind a little while to be confident that I understood the instructions to do it correctly. I had extra fabric in case I made a mistake but still for some reason I couldn’t get the nerve to do it. This all sounds rather silly doesn’t it. Finally last weekend I took the plunge and did it. It suddenly all clicked and I completed the block in no time.

Tea Cup

What I have learnt from all this is not to be worried about the outcome of a project. There is a first time to try everything. Just go ahead and try it. If it works out great if it doesn’t then you can look at where you need to adjust things next time to fix them. I’m taking this attitude into 2014

Framed Angels

Framed Angels

I finally got my Angels Watching Stitchery framed. Due to unforseen circumstances it was at the framers for over a month and towards the end I was starting to worry that I’d never get it back. I love it. The simple frame really makes the stitchery the star. This will now sit on a shelf in my lounge room.

After seeing how this has turned out I’m already thinking of the next stitchery I want to get and do. I can already picture it in my mind how the end will look.

Pink Blanket Half Way

Pink Blanket Half Way

I’m making progress on the blanket. Its about half way finished now. Judging by how many rows I’m getting per ball I think the completed size will be what I was aiming for. Even though its for a young child I didn’t want it to be the size of a baby blanket. Each afternoon I try and work on it a bit so it is coming along nicely.

2013 A Craft Year In Review

Ok a bit sentimental as I trip down craft lane.

Match The Pair

2013 has been an amazing year in craft for me. To be honest I never thought I’d ever have my own craft blog. I enjoyed reading other peoples blogs and it was only after attending Urban Stitches this year with Jodie, Melly and Rosalie that I was inspired to giving blogging ago myself. I have to say I love it now. I’ve got the blogging bug. My brain is always thinking craft. I love sharing my craft journey with others who share the same passion as I do.


I’ve done a quick count in 2013 I’ve made in excess of 60 items (thinking its more closer to 70 I keep forgetting things I’ve made) I was gobsmacked when I did the count. I had no idea it was that many. Some items have been large others have been small. I gave up counting each individual items of some (I made a lot of rings and hair clips) I don’t have a favourite item that I’ve made this year. I was really happy how Nanna Sukies Tea Set turned out. The fabrics I used had meaning to them. It turned out just like the one in the pattern picture.

Nanna Sukie's Tea Set

I’ve learnt a lot of new skills this year. Whether it be through attending workshops, youtube, trial and error or just simply talking to people and asking questions. I can now make fabric buttons and attach the walking foot to my sewing machine. I can now make poms poms and dye fabric. I’ve learnt how to weave on a loom. I’ve even learnt Tunisian Crochet and made a scarf.

Tunisian Crochet Scarf

This year I started doing embroidery and adore stitcheries now. I prefer pre-printed stitcheries but did have a go at transferring shapes to my own fabric and it worked out well. I’ve mastered the backstitch so next year will try the chain stitch.

Snug As A But

Another craft step for me this year was to start attending a local craft group. I really enjoy the once a month coffee and craft. A chance to sit with someone face to face and talk craft. Bounce ideas around. Ask questions. Get feedback.

Cape L

In 2013 I contributed more to charity’s in the form of craft. I’ve enjoyed being able to use the skills that I have to help a group or organisation in a practical way.

Pouches Oct 13

Another first for me this year was that I got paid for craft items that I’ve made. I found it really hard to put a price on my work so only quoted the cost of supplies but found it really touching when the person gave me more than I said. I guess I still lack confidence and find it hard to believe people would actually pay for something I made. I’m now actually considering selling a couple of craft items at my work after being told this year people would pay money for them.

Ipad Rests

Lastly I would like to say a big Thank You to those who have shared this 2013 craft journey with me. All the lovely people who have commented on the blog thank you for stopping by and taking the time to write something. All those I’ve attended workshops with this year thank you for helping to make the workshops so fun and enjoyable. Workshops are more fun when everyone gets along. All those whom I’ve randomly spoken craft to thank you for listening even though you many not have had a clue what I was talking about.

Ear Warmer

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas. I look forward to crafting with you all in 2014.


Introducing Blueberry.


He’s from Make Your Own Soft Toys. The pattern is called Ruby the Dachshund but you can see why I’ve called him Blueberry. Once again I didn’t construct the toy to the full pattern instructions. I attached the limbs differently. I sewed the limbs and ears on using dental floss so the thread would be a bit stronger. The eyes are also different to the pattern. I made the pom pom nose and am really happy with how it turned out.

This is my last Christmas gift for 2013. I completed him on Friday 13th. I’ve set a new record for getting Christmas gifts completed now.

Pom Poms

I’ve learnt how to make pom poms and I think they can become addictive.

Pom Pom

I used a clover pom pom maker. I read in the instructions on the back of the packet which were a little confusing. I’m a more visual person so I Youtubed it and found it much easier to follow once I saw someone else do it. I brought the pom pom maker when I saw it earlier this year and its just sat with my sewing tools until now when I needed a pom pom. Clover has a range of different size pom pom makers so in 2014 I may invest in a couple more.

I’m now thinking of different things I can put pom poms on.