Ooh So Pretty

I went yarn shopping last week……


These lovely yarns are all from Bendigo Woollen Mills They are all 8 Ply cotton in the following shades Honeydew, Blush, Light Teal, Peach, Blue, Wine, Wild Lavender, Pomegranate, Daffodil, Pink Rose, Cypress, Sky, Regal and French Navy

I now have enough to make lovely face cloths next year. Ooh I can’t wait to start playing with them.


Eye Pillows

I was wanting to add something to a charity Christmas hamper and came up with idea of eye pillows.

Eye Pillows

The fabric I used was scraps from when I made the Ipad rests

Here’s the basic way that I did it

  • Cut 2 fabric rectangles 3.5″ x 7.5″
  • Right sides together sew all around leaving a gap
  • Clip corners and turn right way out
  • Fill with rice.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of dried lavender or the contents of a herbal teabag
  • Slip stitch closed

Don’t over fill the pillow with too much rice. You want it to be very floppy so that its not too heavy on the eyes and moulds around the face.

As these are just mini heat packs you can treat them the same and put them in the microwave or pop them in the freezer as soothing eye pillows.

A Good Book

I do own a lot of craft books. I think I may own more than my local library.

Most of my books are on sewing, knitting or crochet. Some are only pattern books, some are more tutorial type books. I like the variety of them all as I not only learn from them but get inspiration to create the gifts I make. I don’t have favourite book as such but one I do constantly go back to is The Needlecraft Book. It covers Knitting, Crochet, Embroidery, Needlepoint, Applique, Patchwork and Quilting. I’m always calling it my Bible cause I’m always going back to it to refresh my mind on crochet. Just noticing on the back of the book it calls itself “The Complete Bible” and I agree 100% with that statement.

Needlecraft Book

The reason I go back to this book so often is that the pictures are very clear and the way things are written is very easy to understand. It goes through for example a crochet stitch step by step in detail. Each topic is really an overview of things but its enough to give you the base understanding. It also has projects that you can make using the techniques in the book. If you ever come across this book I do urge you to look at it.

Quick Headband

Over the last few days I’ve been under the weather a little. I have been trying to rest and take it easy but even when I’m sick I’m not one to sit idle.

I didn’t want to touch my regular crafts as I didn’t want to pass on my bugs (even with mega amounts of hand sanitizer) so instead I made a crocheted headband for myself that I kept saying I would one day.

Black Headband

I used 8 ply black cotton from Bendigo Woolen Mills unfortunately the colour is no longer available. I made it pretty much the same way as I did ear warmer a few months ago. I opted to just keep it plain and simple and not add any flowers or anything. After I finished this I was still feeling crafty so I have started a knitting bag using the same yarn. Again the bag has been on my todo list for myself for a long time.

2 More Ipad Rests

2 more Christmas gifts finished.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous Ipad Rest post I do like making them. They are gift that you can make for anyone by just changing the colour. People of all ages these days have Ipad or Tablets. They are really quick to make and also very¬†inexpensive.

Ipad Rests

When I made them this time I really stuffed them firmly I think more than before as I had a little trouble topstitching the edge. It was so heavy on the end of my machine. I remembered I had an extension bed that came with my machine so for the first time in over 3 years of owning the machine I took it out of the plastic and used it. It really made a difference. The ipad rest is meant to be stuffed firmly. I think its a case of the more you make it the better you get at it. When I was slip stitching the filling gaps closed I kept adding teaspoons of rice which really gave it that firm feel.

Paw Dishcloth

Turns out I can follow a knitting pattern.

As soon as I saw this dishcloth pattern I wanted to make. Problem is I’ve never followed a knitting pattern before. To be honest I tend to go into a zone when I’m crafting and I don’t like to concentrate or keep count. I like to relax. I decided to give it ago and it worked. The counting bit was actually easier than I thought. I had my clicker with me counting the rows. The only issues I had was twice I dropped stitches (including when casting off) but I was able to save them before the they fell through the rows.


There are many dishcloths in this style (a mix of knit and purl stitches) I like them as they are easy to make and look effective. I already have plans on making several next year as face washers as part of my gifts.


These are items I made a couple of years ago as quick Christmas gifts.

Bookmark 1

I raided my scrap stash for suitable rectangles and squares. On one side I back stitched the person name onto a plain fabric and stitched a printed fabric on either end. The other side is made up of a number of squares which I stitched to make the same length as the front piece. Both sides were then stitched together and turned right side out before being slipped stitched closed. I even made my own starch to stiffen them. I don’t remember the exact recipe but thisone seems to be very similar.

Bookmark 2