Quilts For Bushfire Victims

I found out about a group who is making quilts for people who lost their homes in the bushfires.

BlanketLovez is a group that makes quilts for traumatized children in Australia. They are currently on a mission to make 50 quilts for bushfire victims. They’ve put a call out asking for donations of completed quilt tops, wadding, money donations or quilting power at quilting bees they are running.

Quilt Top 1

I remembered that years ago I hand pieced a quilt top for a friend but never actually got around to turning it into a quilt as I was waiting til I completed another quilt top for another friend and would do all the quilting at once. That was over 7 years ago. The blue quilt had been sitting in storage ever since. I’d always planned to finish it but I never got around to it again. I decided to donate it to BlanketLovez where it would go to someone who could use it. It the size of a single bed. I spent many hours / days sewing it.

Quilt Top 2

I had the blocks of the other quilt semi finished but again sitting waiting for years for me to finish it. This week I got out my sewing machine and stitched into rows to make a smaller quilt top than the blue one but at least it was finished. It was better to be made that size and sent somewhere useful than to remain in my spare room for another 10 years. I’ve told the lady running the group to add to the quilt to make a suitable size that they need.

I want to say a big thank you to my friends for letting me give their quilts away. I did contact them before I sent the quilts in otherwise I’d feel guilty for giving away their quilts. They were very happy for me to do this. I’m hoping whoever receives these quilts get comfort from them. They were made with love no matter who they were made for.

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