Happy Parcel

I got a happy parcel in the post today. My dishcloths from the swap arrived.

Swap 1

The lovely red and white one was made by Becci from Lime Tree Creations Her crochet is so neat. I really wish I could crochet like that. Kelly made the green star. I love star shapes. Again her crochet is so neat. Both of them the colours look great togeather.

Swap 2

Rae made this gorgeous gold colour one that you can hang up. Its very thick so would make a great potholder too. Fran made the funky multi-coloured stripe one. I love the colours. My dishes are going to be spoilt now being washed in such fantastic dishcloths

Mel’s running a 2nd swap which I’ve already put my name down for. The hard part is deciding what patterns to use. I think I’ve decided to do 2 knitted again and 2 granny square inspired ones. Any excuse to play with dishcloths


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