Thinking Ahead 2014

I know it may only still be October but I’m already thinking of 2014.

Nanna Sukie's Tea Set

I still have a few gifts to finish for Christmas 2013 but I already have them worked out its just a matter of getting in and making them. My brain is forward thinking and is already working out the 2014 Birthday Gift List. I want to start my 2014 gifts as soon as I finish this years gifts as my first gift is due at the start of January. I like to be a bit organised and have written down what I wish to make so I have time to look through my many books and magazines for the perfect pattern. Workshop ideas in my mind. I do craft on impulse at times but I’m also one who likes to know ahead of time what I’m going to make.

Match The Pair

So far my 2014 birthday count is

Jan – 1 gift
Feb – 2 gifts
Mar – 4 gifts
Apr – 1 gift
May – 1 gift
Jun – 2 gifts
Jul  – 1 gift
Sep – 2 gifts
Nov – 1 gift
Dec – 1 gift

Then there is Christmas which I won’t look at til about March next year (yes that early)

T- Bella

Each gift might contain 1 item or several depending what I make. I tend to make complex items for Birthday gifts as I have more time to work on them where as for Christmas  I like some really simple gifts as I have so many to do.

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