Hopscotch Anyone?

This is something little I whipped up over the weekend.


I’d been planning on making this for months. This is based on a pattern from a magazine called Australian Homesewn but I never followed the full layout. They had more numbers to what I remember having on it when I played as a child. The pink blue and purple calico are the ones I dyed myself. The background is just raw calico. The numbers are polar fleece that I’ve also used inside the mat as a batting.

Rolled Mat

The backing is from a roll of fabric I brought years ago. I think it goes in well with the purple and the blue tones. The ribbon to tie it up I found last minute. I think I brought it years ago to make myself a belt but it was perfect for this project.

I’ve never made a quilt before so binding the 3 layers together gave me a new found respect for those amazing people who whip up quilts in no time. I remembered how to attach the walking foot this time so that part was easy. Manoeuvring it around the machine was a little tricky. I’m glad I did it in the evening as quilting is not a summer sport. Even cutting and pinning something that large is new for me.

This project was a real trip down memory lane. Every time I look at I become 7 years old again playing it at school or drawing it with chalk in the backyard. I really like this mat. I’m planning on making at least one more next year. I’ve still got more the dye fabrics and the backing. I may need to find some other fabrics for the background and fleece for the middle as my stash of those are running very low. Bit sad cause I’ve used them in a few projects and they have been handy materials.

So this is one more Christmas gift done. Feels good to actually get something completed over a weekend.

3 thoughts on “Hopscotch Anyone?

    • Donna, when I first saw the idea I thought it would. I’d even brought some non slip grip backing to attach to the back of it. I googled a bit and didn’t see any that other people had made have a non slip backing. Once I finished it I was surprised at how weighted it was. Its not heavy just sturdy. Myself I wouldn’t use it on tiles or maybe wooden floors (I’m a little too safety conscious) but on carpet, grass, concrete etc.. it would be fine. Its almost like a quilt.

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