Dishcloth Play

To say I’ve been a little obsessed with dishcloths this week is probably a true statement.

The swap dishcloths have been posted and I’ve pulled out my dishcloths books and have been looking on pinterest cause I still have the dishcloth bug. I decided to have a play around with the traditional granny square or afghan square. I know I can do it cause I’ve made doll blankets before using that pattern. So I pulled out more of the blue yarn and a crochet hook and got playing away.

Dish Play

The photo doesn’t show it but it isn’t sitting flat. I think my tension was off a bit. I put 2 simple rows of double crochet as a border. I’ve never made an edge or a border before so it was good to experiment on this. This one is going to be for my stash for use once I weave in the tails. I’m going to have a go at making others using the same pattern to keep in my gift stash for xmas or maybe even for another dishcloth swap if I find one. Who says you can’t use ones you prepared earlier.


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