Santa Sacks

I was asked to do these by a friend.

Santa Sack 1

These are just store brought Santa Sacks that my friend purchased after last Christmas. My original thought was just to hand stitch the kids names onto the edging. My embroidery skills are poor. I started to back stitch the names and frankly it looked awful. I then got the idea of using my sizzix cutter to cut out polar fleece letters which I blanket stitched on. I am really happy with the result. I kept checking back to the paper I had the kids names typed on to ensure I spelt the names correctly.

Santa Sack 2

These didn’t take long at all to do. They were tv jobs basically. I had each name pinned so it was just a matter of adjusting the pins as I went to make sure it all looked nice and neat whilst I watched tv.


Quilts For Bushfire Victims

I found out about a group who is making quilts for people who lost their homes in the bushfires.

BlanketLovez is a group that makes quilts for traumatized children in Australia. They are currently on a mission to make 50 quilts for bushfire victims. They’ve put a call out asking for donations of completed quilt tops, wadding, money donations or quilting power at quilting bees they are running.

Quilt Top 1

I remembered that years ago I hand pieced a quilt top for a friend but never actually got around to turning it into a quilt as I was waiting til I completed another quilt top for another friend and would do all the quilting at once. That was over 7 years ago. The blue quilt had been sitting in storage ever since. I’d always planned to finish it but I never got around to it again. I decided to donate it to BlanketLovez where it would go to someone who could use it. It the size of a single bed. I spent many hours / days sewing it.

Quilt Top 2

I had the blocks of the other quilt semi finished but again sitting waiting for years for me to finish it. This week I got out my sewing machine and stitched into rows to make a smaller quilt top than the blue one but at least it was finished. It was better to be made that size and sent somewhere useful than to remain in my spare room for another 10 years. I’ve told the lady running the group to add to the quilt to make a suitable size that they need.

I want to say a big thank you to my friends for letting me give their quilts away. I did contact them before I sent the quilts in otherwise I’d feel guilty for giving away their quilts. They were very happy for me to do this. I’m hoping whoever receives these quilts get comfort from them. They were made with love no matter who they were made for.

Happy Parcel

I got a happy parcel in the post today. My dishcloths from the swap arrived.

Swap 1

The lovely red and white one was made by Becci from Lime Tree Creations Her crochet is so neat. I really wish I could crochet like that. Kelly made the green star. I love star shapes. Again her crochet is so neat. Both of them the colours look great togeather.

Swap 2

Rae made this gorgeous gold colour one that you can hang up. Its very thick so would make a great potholder too. Fran made the funky multi-coloured stripe one. I love the colours. My dishes are going to be spoilt now being washed in such fantastic dishcloths

Mel’s running a 2nd swap which I’ve already put my name down for. The hard part is deciding what patterns to use. I think I’ve decided to do 2 knitted again and 2 granny square inspired ones. Any excuse to play with dishcloths

Busy Weekend But Worth It

Towards the end of the last week I had plans to finish off some potholders as Christmas gifts but my plans changed.

Pouches Oct 13

Last week we had really bad bushfires in the state that I live in. Sadly a lot people lost their homes and unfortunately so did a lot of animals that lived in the bushland. As soon as I heard about it I knew WIRES would be busy rescuing injured animals and would be in need of supplies so I spent the weekend sewing pouches which I express posted to them on Monday. I made just under 50 pouches but I wish I’d made more. It was just something practical that I could do in such a sad situation. I’ll continue making pouches over the next few weeks and will post another batch to WIRES soon.

Thinking Ahead 2014

I know it may only still be October but I’m already thinking of 2014.

Nanna Sukie's Tea Set

I still have a few gifts to finish for Christmas 2013 but I already have them worked out its just a matter of getting in and making them. My brain is forward thinking and is already working out the 2014 Birthday Gift List. I want to start my 2014 gifts as soon as I finish this years gifts as my first gift is due at the start of January. I like to be a bit organised and have written down what I wish to make so I have time to look through my many books and magazines for the perfect pattern. Workshop ideas in my mind. I do craft on impulse at times but I’m also one who likes to know ahead of time what I’m going to make.

Match The Pair

So far my 2014 birthday count is

Jan – 1 gift
Feb – 2 gifts
Mar – 4 gifts
Apr – 1 gift
May – 1 gift
Jun – 2 gifts
Jul  – 1 gift
Sep – 2 gifts
Nov – 1 gift
Dec – 1 gift

Then there is Christmas which I won’t look at til about March next year (yes that early)

T- Bella

Each gift might contain 1 item or several depending what I make. I tend to make complex items for Birthday gifts as I have more time to work on them where as for Christmas  I like some really simple gifts as I have so many to do.

Hopscotch Anyone?

This is something little I whipped up over the weekend.


I’d been planning on making this for months. This is based on a pattern from a magazine called Australian Homesewn but I never followed the full layout. They had more numbers to what I remember having on it when I played as a child. The pink blue and purple calico are the ones I dyed myself. The background is just raw calico. The numbers are polar fleece that I’ve also used inside the mat as a batting.

Rolled Mat

The backing is from a roll of fabric I brought years ago. I think it goes in well with the purple and the blue tones. The ribbon to tie it up I found last minute. I think I brought it years ago to make myself a belt but it was perfect for this project.

I’ve never made a quilt before so binding the 3 layers together gave me a new found respect for those amazing people who whip up quilts in no time. I remembered how to attach the walking foot this time so that part was easy. Manoeuvring it around the machine was a little tricky. I’m glad I did it in the evening as quilting is not a summer sport. Even cutting and pinning something that large is new for me.

This project was a real trip down memory lane. Every time I look at I become 7 years old again playing it at school or drawing it with chalk in the backyard. I really like this mat. I’m planning on making at least one more next year. I’ve still got more the dye fabrics and the backing. I may need to find some other fabrics for the background and fleece for the middle as my stash of those are running very low. Bit sad cause I’ve used them in a few projects and they have been handy materials.

So this is one more Christmas gift done. Feels good to actually get something completed over a weekend.

Fabric Yarn

Over the weekend I also made my first batch of fabric yarn.

Fabric Yarn

I forgot to take before shots but I used an old t-shirt (navy) and an old skirt that was 2 layers (maroon) I followed this tutorial. This was the first time I’ve had a go at making the strips. I used scissors to cut the strips but I think next time I might use my rotary cutter to get more even strips. Still for a first attempt not bad. These 2 items had been sitting waiting to be turned into yarn for the last couple of months. I’m not sure what I will turn them into all I know is I could bare to throw them out even though I couldn’t wear them any longer.