I May Be A Little Crazy

Its true I think I am just a little craft crazy. Its less than 100 days til Christmas I still have at least 8 or so gifts to start or finish so what have I decided to do… take part in a non Christmas related craft project.

I won’t go into full details but I will be making a block that will be part of a larger quilt. I’m not really a quilter. I’ve started quilts before many years ago so I have made some blocks but they were just basic. I remember helping my mum hand sew some log cabin blocks about 10 years ago as well.


I want to challenge myself by doing this block. Part of the reason I’m putting it on here now is there is no turning back now I’ll have to finish it. I have until the start of December to complete it and post it in. I know the block that I need to make. I gave myself the second challenge of only using fabric from my scrap stash. I have a lot of large useable pieces in there. The other good thing about raiding this stash is that I know the pieces have already been washed and pre-shrunk. All I need to do is give them another iron. I’ve put all my chosen fabric in a Tupperware container until I’m ready to iron and cut them out. Really its just an excuse to justify me keeping the blue Tupperware container. I knew I could use it in my sewing some how.

So stay tuned. I will finish this block. I will get all my other Christmas gifts done too.

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