Jefferson and Read aka Percy and Herb

These 2 little guys I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks and now they are done.

Jefferson and Read

Jefferson and Read are what I’m calling them but Melly and Me named them Percy and Herb.


Ok as per usual I may of done things a little different to the pattern. I didn’t do some top stitching when I was supposed to, one propeller is missing cause when I stitched it the end result was something that didn’t look like a propeller and they should have mouths on them but I decided I liked them without the mouths. These little differences just mean these guys are one of a kind.


This pattern is great cause the body is the same for both. You add either wings or propellers to make the different toys. Sewing them in the same colour combination meant I didn’t have to change thread colour on the machine. I did all my orange stitching first then all my blue stitching.


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