Crochet Bags

These are 2 little crochet bags that I made previously as gifts for a couple of young girls.

Purple Bag

Purple Bag

This purple one I made when I first learnt to crochet. I was nearing my nieces birthday and decided I wanted to make an extra gift. It took me a couple of days. At this point I didn’t know how to make flowers so I made up simple felt flowers for both sides of the bag.

Yellow Bag

Yellow Bag

This yellow one I made on a whim. I was looking for something to keep me occupied whilst I went on a train journey and decided a bag would be perfect for another young girl who was nearing a birthday. This one has flowers on both sides in the opposite colour combination.

Both bags are made up in the same way. 2 rectangular squares and a strap long enough to fit over the body. I did it all in trebles.

I just remembered I’ve also made a 3rd bag like this in which I put a handmade doll and doll blanket in for another toddler. Unfortunately I never took a photo of it.


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