WIRES Pouches

This past weekend I’ve been sewing lining pouches for WIRES. WIRES rescues and rehabilitates injured wildlife. The volunteers do a great job and I’m happy to help them out in the small way that I can.

Finished Pouches

These pouches may be used in caring for joeys, wombats, possums or bandicoots. A carer may go through 6 linings a day for just one animal and often they are caring for multiple little creatures so you can imagine how many they will go through in a day. If you would like further information about making these they provide you with details on their website. If your a knitter you can also make the woollen outer pouches. Again details are on their website.

Sewing Pouches

On a crafty note making these pouches are a great way to use up sewing supplies I already have. The fabric is from my stash that isn’t to my taste or I know won’t be used for other projects. I used all my half wound bobbins to empty them. The little animals aren’t going to care what colour the thread is or if it matches. This is the 2nd time I’ve made pouches. I want to get into the habit of always having some cut and ready to be sewn so when I’m in a mood of straight stitching I can grab them and start sewing. Making these are also helping my sewing skills. I’m not really a quilter so I’ve never done much chain piecing before but I tried it when making these and it was fantastic. My zig zag stitch is improving too.

Sewing for charity is wonderful. I love it how craft and charity can intertwine. Many crafters are doing some fantastic work for others. Its great to be able to help a charity in a practical way. Your daily life may mean you don’t have time to commit to a charity but you can still assist them by making items they can sell to raise funds or by making items they can use every day. Some people think the only way they can contribute to charity is through a financial donation, they don’t realise the skills they have could help a charity just as much as a $1 could. Often the front line volunteers don’t have the time to make the items they need every day so they really appreciate the donated items they receive.

To anyone who is currently doing items for charity congratulations keep up the good work cause real people are appreciating the items your making. If you have never made items for charity I urge you to give it a go. Think outside the square. Google sewing for charity and see what comes up. You may find the perfect thing for you.


4 thoughts on “WIRES Pouches

  1. Love this idea! Before we moved, I’d been sewing/selling items and reverse tithing on them, to help River of Life (a men’s transition housing that helped the guys get basic life/job skills, while teaching them about the love of the LORD Jesus). Now I need to find another outlet! 🙂

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